Empowering operators to deliver ​​​​​​unmatched indoor mobile connectivity

Tenants of today expect to have great indoor mobile service

Ensuring top-notch indoor mobile services has become quite the challenge, especially with modern building materials like energy-efficient windows and the move to real 5G frequencies. And with users demanding more and more data, it’s only getting trickier – that’s where Proptivity comes in. Proptivity’s ambition is to support both commercial property owners as well as mobile operators to overcome this challenge.

Proptivity deploys a shared mobile infrastructure on behalf of property owners

Commercial property owners who want to have attractive properties need to make sure that they have great indoor mobile services. Mobile operators on other hand need to make sure their customers can use their subscriptions where they expect them to work, today that is basically everywhere, especially inside buildings where they spend 90% of their time.

Commercial property owners show an increasing willingness to invest in one shared mobile infrastructure for all operators, a infrastructure that is fit for the future, consumes less energy, and makes sure all their tenants get the mobile service they demand.

Proptivity will not sell any end-user services

Proptivity’s ambition it to be a trusted shared infrastructure partner to both mobile operators and property owners. Giving property owners the ability to create attractive buildings that garner higher rents and lower vacancies. Meanwhile mobile operators should be able to secure more satisfied customers and also innovate product offerings to enterprises that can use the full power of the mobile network.

Proptivity is the leading neutral host indoor connectivity service provider

  • Proptivity offers a market leading mobile indoor infrastructure for 4G &5G that mobile operators can utilize to build and offer cutting-edge end-user services to tenants and visitors of buildings.
  • Proptivity does not offer any end-user services, and we never will. Our role is to provide the infrastructure.
  • Proptivity works with market leading technology vendors and continuously work to ensure that our networks hold the best quality available.​​​​​​​


On behalf of property owners, we finance, build and operate an active indoor mobile infrastructure with full 5G and 4G functionality, including MIMO and Multioperator capability based on small cell technology procured from leading telecom vendors.


The operator connects freely directly to the shared mobile infrastructure to ensure they can provide services to its customers in the building. The operator can choose to integrate using own basestation (RF) or with fiber (S1- MORAN) from their core network into a dedicated baseband. Operators decide its own parameters, such as which spectrum bands to be used.


The property infrastructure is fully managed, with advanced operational features, to secure telecom grade experience. Operators own OSS can also be integrated to secure full end-2-end visibility to secure maximum customer support experience.


The operators can offer end-user services to its customers in the building and enjoy a very cost efficient and high performance indoor capability with minimum impact on the environment.

Operator opportunities

Having a high capacity mobile network that covers indoor as seamless as it today exists outdoor, will open up many opportunities for Operators to create value for the enterprise market. Here are some examples on what is possible once your corporate customers are covered by great indoor mobile quality in their premises:

  • Bundle 5G laptops and phones together + managed IT support as a way to reduce overall corporate IT/wifi cost
  • Engage with partners to move current building and office services to 5G and upsell to real-estate owners as well as enterprises/tenants. This could for example be alarm systems, surveillance cameras, sensors for smart houses, automated cleaning, and automated building services
  • Offer enterprise solutions based on unique 5G features like dynamic slicing and edge computing. This could be applications such as ability to offer private vs corporate subscriptions on staff phones, firewall all corporate traffic or off-load compute heavy applications like AR and Gaming applications
  • Offer business critical applications with special uplink subscriptions that will be needed for future spatial mapping services (e.g. for leasing)
  • Offer special 5G enabled conference rooms with their own high performance subscriptions to ensure 8K telepresence and holographic experiences.
  • Offer targeted subscriptions for staff and functions that has time-critical needs such as responding to complex support issues using video, answer emergency calls and uploading time-critical software patches.

Property Owner & Tenants