Indoor mobile connectivity for landlords, delivered hassle-free​​​​​​​

Today, tenants expect great connectivity

Mobile connectivity plays a pivotal role in attracting and retaining tenants. Studies show that 89% of all tenants consider mobile reception important when choosing their next premise.

The need for fast and uninterrupted connectivity can be a dealbreaker for many commercial tenants.As a neutral host, Proptivity provides unmatched indoor connectivity – we give the building, its tenants, and guests the coverage they expect from their prefered operator. Providing the landlord with a more attractive building.

Why will tenants choose a fully mobile building?

Seamless coverage

All tenants want seamless coverage throughout the building, thus removing any dead zones. Tenants also want to have great experience regardless of what devices and applications they use.

Latest technology

Office tenants want to use the latest technology to stay ahead, such as using mobile networks to improve employee productivity, reducing overall connectivity costs as well as improving IT security. Guests do not have to use unsecure guest networks in order to stay online.

Streamline shopping experience

Retail tenants expect customers to use their phones as part of streamlined in-store shopping and payment experience. For retailers mobile connectivity is today crucial for business success.

An infrastructure service designed to minimize pain points of indoor mobile roll-out

Single point of contact

The time with multiple, and often abscent, providers are gone. With Proptivity you get a single point of contact, all to make indoor coverage as easy as possible.

Open infrastructure

Our infrastructure is open, which means all mobile operators can connect to the same infrastructure. This means less cabling, less energy consumption (great for ESG), and more freedom for anyone in the building to connect things over the network.

Highest quality and future-proof

Proptivity only works with market leading vendors, like Ericsson, ensuring the infrastructure is high performing and upgradable. Our infrastructure can meet all future digitalization demands.

Challenges for property owners to ensure great indoor mobile connectivity

  • Unpredictable mobile coverage and quality – relying on outdoor coverage to secure mobile coverage for indoor users will never be perfect and often resulting in white spots and unreliable quality.
  • Unknown what services are available – without a mobile infrastructure it is impossible to tell tenants what mobile services they have in the building. Even if it’s ok today, that can change tomorrow, as the landlord is not in charge of outdoor coverage.
  • Unclear responsibility – Legacy indoor mobile infrastructure is most often a messy affair, unclear responsiblities, several infrastructures in the same building, and no way of monitoring the service level. With Proptivity the responsibility is clear, we take full responsibility.
  • Operations and Maintenance– Maintaining the infrastructure often falls on the landlord, which is time-consuming and problems are most likely not resolved. Proptivity monitors the infrastructure 24/7 and makes sure any faults are fixed – on time.

Our solutions

Our infrastructure is available to commercial properties owners, seeking to provide their buildings with cutting edge indoor coverage. See our solutions and make your building more attractive today.

Shoppers expect superior connectity to maximize their experience

  • We use our phones while shopping, therefore great mobile reception is a requirement for retailers
  • 79% use their phones to reseach products, get offers, compare prices, and build loyalty points
  • 80% of shoppers use their phones, yet only 4% would log on a store Wi-Fi, so having great mobile reception is crucial for retailers

Mobile connectivity is vital for today’s workforce

Did you know that office buildings with great connectivity get 2,2% higher rents and has 3,8% less vacancy? That’s how much tenants value great connectivity.

In fact, the connectivity is so important for tenants that 89% states it is a requirement for their next office and 64% would pay a premium if mobile connectivity exceedes their expectation. Studies also show that employees will return to the office with great mobile connectivity – up to 25% say they will.

In the near future indoor 5G will be the norm

As a part of Stronghold group, the leading real estate company in the Nordics, Proptivity is a trusted mobile connectivity partner to the European real estate industry