Proptivity launches a property with a world-leading indoor 5G network that can be used freely by all operators

  • All Swedish operators can connect for free, and the innovative mobile operator Tre is the first to offer its customers super-fast 5G in the property
  • Proptivity, in collaboration with Afa Fastigheter, launches a multi-operator indoor network that delivers 5G with gigabit speeds and coverage everywhere
  • The property at Grev Turegatan 30 will be the first to implement a shared high-capacity indoor network according to the Swedish model by Fastighetsägarna

Proptivity, in collaboration with Afa Fastigheter, has installed a modern 5G indoor network in its flagship property on Östermalm, GT 30, which is largely rented by a Swedish co-working actor today. The indoor network follows the Swedish model established by the property owners’ association for how they want to see the expansion of shared high-capacity indoor networks, where property owners can confidently invest, and operators can safely integrate.

Mikael Lundman, CEO of Proptivity, says: “GT 30 is our latest launched property where tenants and visitors now can use what we call real 5G, super-fast and with capacity even for the most demanding mobile services that are quickly taking place indoors. We are actively working with all major property owners in Sweden and see a great interest today in this type of future-proof network.”

Energy-efficient buildings unfortunately have a problematic downside: when we prevent heat or cold from leaking out, it also becomes more difficult for radio waves to penetrate, which worsens mobile coverage if indoor networks are not proactively installed. The EU today mandate that all new buildings within a few years must become “net zero” and that all existing ones must gradually be upgraded to become very energy efficient.

During the spring, Proptivity conducted radio measurements in about twenty prominent properties in Stockholm and Gothenburg, including buildings open to the public such as subways, train stations, large shopping centers, and attractive office buildings. These measurements show that energy-efficient properties that have not already supplemented with their own indoor network have twice as large areas where tenants cannot use their phones at all compared to older properties that allow radio waves to pass through better. This deterioration of indoor coverage comes at the same time as we need more and more connectivity indoors. For example, we have started using video calls instead of voice calls, which requires 100 times more data.

A report from Newsec recently stated that 89% of prospective tenants consider good indoor coverage a very important factor when choosing the next location, a reality that should make indoor networks a requirement for all property renovations or new constructions.

About Proptivity

Proptivity is founded to enable efficient 4G and 5G services from multiple operators indoors. Proptivity will initially deliver its services in Europe. The solution is created to meet the specific requirements of property owners and mobile operators. These requirements include a monitored, planned, and high-performance indoor network that can be used by all mobile operators in a market. When property owners make their buildings energy efficient, indoor coverage deteriorates if there is no indoor system. Research shows that the majority of 5G traffic is used indoors, but coverage often comes from outside. By using Proptivity’s neutral infrastructure, property owners and operators have the opportunity to deliver high-performance 5G to their customers indoors in a sustainable and efficient way.

About Afa Fastigheter

Afa Fastigheter is one of Stockholm’s largest property owners, we own and manage offices, hotels, and residences. The property portfolio consists of approximately 350,000 square meters valued at approximately 36 billion SEK. Afa Fastigheter is part of Afa Försäkring.


Fastighetsägarnas swedish modell for high capacity indoor networks

Newsec report