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Today we also expect mobile connectivity

Proptivity delivers a future-proof indoor mobile infrastructure service to landlords

Attractive properties are expected to have great indoor mobile connectivity, that can meet the demands of today and tomorrow. Proptivity design, build, operate, finance and integrate mobile operators into one fully shared infrastructure using state-of-art equipment from leading vendors. Our solution can easily be upgraded to meet the ever-growing data demands.

With Proptivity, landlords can effectively provide unmatched indoor mobile connectivity, resulting in higher rents and lower vacancies.






Tenants expect seamless indoor mobile connectivity…

89% of tenants expect great indoor mobile connectivity when choosing a new office

26% of employees would spend more time in office if mobile connectivity was better

64% of tenants are willing to pay higher rent for offices with better indoor mobile connectivty

…which means landlords can increase income by 14 percent

According to analysts
connected properties get:

2,2 percent
higher rent per sqm

3,8 percent
lower vacancy

Why should landlords choose Proptivity?

Future-proof indoor mobile infrastructure

Proptivity is using state-of-art mobile equipment from leading providers like Ericsson. This, together with a radical new infrastructure service approach, will enable property owners to easily meet any connectivity demand a future tenant might bring.

Unique mix of telecom and real estate expertise

With deep experiences from companies such as Telia, Tele2, Ericsson, BT, McKinsey and real estate companies like Newsec, Stronghold, JLL, and CBRE Proptivity has developed the optimal indoor 5G-solution for property owners and telecom operators alike.

We make great indoor connectivity easy

With Proptivity, providing great indoor connectivity is easy. Our cost model is flexible, landlords can choose between recurring or an upfront fee per SQM. We take full responsibility for infrastructure design and installation as well as mobile operator integration. We provide 24/7 monitoring and maintenance to secure headache-free mobile connectivity.

How to get started with Proptivity

Proptivity provides the market leading indoor mobile infrastructure, using a fully shared neutral host model – a smart network sharing that benefits all parties: property owners, mobile operators and tenants alike.


A free coverage survey is conducted in the building

Proptivity conducts an on-site coverage survey and gives you insights about your indoor coverage, all that is needed is blueprints and access to the building. 


Landlord decides on scope and performance

With the help from Proptivity the landlord chooses the optimal solution for their needs, both for what areas to cover and with what type of performance – we offer 4G essential all the way up to 5G Max depending on need.


Designed and installed within 6-9 months

Proptivity takes care of the design, the installation of the system and integration of operators – with minimal impact on tenants. A hassle-free process.


The network is operated by Proptivity 24/7

The landlord can in turn guarantee and market the perfect indoor mobile experience to their tenants, while having an infrastructure that can handle all future tenant and property digitalisation demands.

As a part of Stronghold group, the leading real estate company in the Nordics, Proptivity is a trusted mobile connectivity partner to the European real estate industry

Member of Proptech Norway

Member of Proptech Denmark

Member of TowerXchange

Member of Telecom Infra Project