Proptivity partners with Ericsson to offer Gigabit 5G indoor networks

Proptivity has selected Ericsson’s technology to power its Gigabit 5G indoor networks. The neutral solution will allow all communication service providers (CSPs) to join so that all mobile users will have access to high-performance 5G coverage indoors. The implementation will start this year in the Nordics and Baltics, with a planned investment of SEK 3 billion within five years.

Indoor mobile coverage is a critical digital infrastructure as 80% of all mobile data use today takes place inside of buildings. In addition, mobile data consumption is expected to grow with 400% until 2027 which will further increase the requirement for mobile coverage indoors. As we now move from 4G to 5G the challenges of indoor coverage will become apparent due to the shorter range of 5G. Proptivity will solve this through being a neutral host service provider that allows real estate owners to offer their tenants and visitors high-performance 5G coverage indoors in a cost-effective and resource-efficient way. Proptivity’s solution will be powered by the Ericsson radio DOT solution which offers a cost effective and resource efficient road to Gigabit 5G indoor services as well as improving the 4G services for real estate owners and CSPs.

Proptivity is owned by Stronghold Invest and Niam’s Infrastructure fund, well known in the real estate business in the Nordics and Baltics.

Urban Edenström, founder of Stronghold Invest says: “A high-performance 5G service indoors is critical for all innovation taking place around the building. I’m very pleased to see a strong and strategic partnership with Ericsson, so we together can enable great opportunities for real estate owners, CSPs and tenants.”

Mikael Lundman, CEO of Proptivity says: “We will be a catalyst in the digital transformation that 5G enables by offering a market-leading Gigabit 5G indoor solution. Real estate owners will have a fantastic infrastructure to deploy building automation, security and digital enhancements to improve the building experience. We have already aligned with many real estate owners on the solution and are targeting deployments of Gigabit 5G indoor networks in major buildings starting in Sweden late 2022.”

Jenny Lindqvist, Head of Central and Northern Europe at Ericsson says:
“We are proud to partner with an innovative player like Proptivity. With our joint technology we bridge several challenges of indoor connectivity and bring high-performance 5G to consumers and enterprises, regardless of where they are or which operator they use. This agreement with Proptivity is groundbreaking for setting a first 5G Indoor Neutral Host Service Provider in Europe.”

For more information, please contact:
Mikael Lundman, +46 76 1152100
Morgan Curby, +46 763 350764

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