The future of office and workplace

Learn how others are using indoor 5G to create better user experiences. Use cases for better mobile 5G indoor connectivity everywhere…

Use cases of today

Continuous connectivity

In todays world employees need to be able to keep video meeetings when coming or going. That means garage, stairs, entrances or elevators also need to have great mobile coverage. 32% of respondants in attached Ericsson report feel that this is an issue

Help your guests

Reduce the frustration from cumbersome guest connection solutions and enable all guests to be able to use own devices in all meeting rooms and areas. Swedish office employees see guest wifi as the second most irritating impact of poor mobile coverage.

Secure 5G enterprise routers

Property owners can offer new or short term tenants a simple way to create their own secure networks using 5G powered enterprise routers

Use cases of tomorrow

The world’s first 5G Security-as-a-Slice (SecaaS) capability

Cybersecurity threats for enterprises is only increasing in severity. One new opportunity is to include 5G capabilities as an active part of total employee security solution. When indoor 5G is available in offices as well as outdoor, this suddently can become the first choice of secure connectivity.

Camera based security

High capacity 5G network support will open up for connecting also devices with high speed demands, like real-time 4K security cameras. Combine this with advanced AI tools and you get next level of security without the cables.

Office robots

Robotics for office has just started and we will see many more examples in everything from cleaning to security. Flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness will likely be some of the drivers.

AR based business applications

High definition AR apps will start to find its way into business situations based on the smartphone interface once there is high performance networks available they can be built on.

Use cases of the future

Augmented Reality (AR) glasses

We are many that look forward to see the future of AR/VR and test what it can do for video meetings and how we engage with content. What it will require is massive amounts of very high quality and capacity from the office connectivity solution.

Using precise indoor positioning as a monetizer

With indoor small cells also comes great opportunities to use precise indoor positioning for improving everything from navigation, tracking, space usage analytics and many more areas.

Using AR for 3D business meetings

AR Glasses like Apple vision pro is one way to experience 3D meetings, google starline is another way. Regardless of what way, extreme connectivity demands will likely be the workplace result.