Proptivity replies to government request for information around how to meet our future societal connectivity challenges 

In a response to a request by the Swedish government for information around how to meet future societal connectivities, Proptivity proposed the following (in summary):

Proptivity would like to point out the need for a future strategy to strengthen the possibility of connectivity encompassing the places where we spend most of our time and where we use mobile data the most, i.e. indoors. Any national goals for connectivity must include connection to indoor mobile networks. Basic coverage is not enough, high performance is required (more than 1 Gbit/s) as is high capacity. Connectivity and mobile performance should be better indoors than outside.

The way forward to improve the possibilities is a strengthened cooperation between different parties. It is also important that regulations and laws make it easier for property owners to establish infrastructure where everyone can be connected in a neutral way to leading mobile operators in Sweden.

Read the full reply here (In swedish): proptivity.pdf (