The future of Real Estate and property management

Learn how others are using indoor 5G to create better user experiences. Use cases for better mobile 5G indoor connectivity everywhere…

Devices with low data usage

Climate sensors

Temperature, Particulate Matter (PM), CO2, Humidity, Air pressure, Airborne chemicals are some climate aspects you can measure effectively today. Using mobile connectivity has many benefits from traditional IoT technologies, obe example is the instant upgradability of sensors to protect from security threats.

Motion sensors

How many people are in office – Is anyone sitting at a specific desk – Is the meeting room occupied – Should toilets be cleaned extra  and many other movement use cases can be realized with smart movement sensors.

Monitoring sensors

Proptech solutions for heat, cooling, ventilation optimization and efficiency solutions are in many cases relying on sensors (and actuators) for input and control. Sensors using mobile technology are increasing fast in variants and decreasing fast in costs.

Devices with high data usage

Fire detection robots

Thermal cameras can be connected to machine vision tools and for example be used to detect fires with. 

Hospitality robots

Robots in hospitality will become more common and hospitals, restaurants, hotels and similar will come to enjoy the efficiency.

Cleaning robots

Introducing commercial cleaning robots can lower operational costs and boost staff efficiency by up to 25%.

Police robots

Singapore has implemented police robots in Changi airports earlier and are looking to expand. Increased reach, police efficiencies and added cameras surveillance are components in the business case and reasoning behind the trials. 

Security robots

Robots dont have a bad day!
Extending staff efficiency with autonomous patroling, detecting health issues, suspicious activities, faulty lights, unattended objects and many more opportunities. They can even use elevators all by themselves. 

AI powered 5G cameras

AI powered Cameras  will be able to be used for security, analytics and sales engagement. With 5G these cameras can be easily placed were they are needed the most without the cost of pulling ethernet cables at high cost toi each camera, not to mention also with extreme IT security that is likely even more important for cameras.

5G powered WiFi

With high performance indoor 5G available everywhere, this can be seen as “wireless fiber” network making it easy to also use instead of expensive and timeconsuming cabling.

5G connected screens

Flexible space will very much also mean flexibility on how to place screens. Regardless of tenant or property type, screens will be an important part of maximizing tenant experience and by using 5G as connectivity, screens can be placed where they are needed the most, without taking cabling into consideration. Over time 5G will be built into screens but until then, dongles can be used.