The future for indoor 5G in Retail Properties

Great indoor connectivity will transform how we as consumers act while shopping, creating new experiences and inventing new revenue streams for retailers.

Use cases of today

Mobile payments in 50% of e-commerce

Using phones instead of creditcards has become the new normal, some of payment solutions can be done even with lack of coverage while others cant. Checking account status and moving money between accounts require connectivity and is also payment actions that users wants to be able to do.

80% of shoppers use their phone while shopping

80% of shoppers say they use their phone while out shopping but a third of them think the indoor coverage often is poor. In addition to normal browsing, users wants to use their phones to reconfirm purchases with partners, do  online research and price comparisons.

Adidas instore 5G experience boosts sales

Smartphones are the most personal thing we own nowadays and retailers are starting to use this fact in order to increase personalization and engagement with users before, under and after store visits. Adidas store is a great example on what is possible, and this is just the beginning.

Risks of using public WiFi increases

According to recent surveys, only 4-8% of shoppers log onto public free wifi even though they at the same time felt that mobile coverage was poor. This will likely keep dropping since media now more and more inform us on the dangers of using unsecure wifi networks. 

Use cases of tomorrow

94% of retailers plan to use Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance store exerience

94% of retailers state in the latest Salesforce survey report that they will use augmented reality (AR) services in their shops. These services will likely want to connect with shoppers phones as a way to personalize and engage.

Improved que management boosts business

In surveys done up to 75% of retailers say they loose business due to waiting times. Implementing a queue solution were customers can walk around and get notified in their phone when it’s their turn to get service or where staff might even be able to find them wherever they are located in store, has great business potential.

Augmented Reality (AR) accelerates staff training

Staff turnover is normally fairly high in retail and having intelligent tools that make store staff faster and more effective in stocking, getting, fixing and helping customers is extremely valuable. AR powered apps can become thse tools.

Shopper analytics enhanced using CCTV

Cameras and other advanced sensors will only increase in value when combined with AI tools, 5G will enable them to be place anywhere where there is power with much lower costs since ethernet cables arte no longer needed in order to have extreme quality and bandwidth

In-store personalization

Mobile phones are the ultimate personalization tool. Nothing is more personal than our phone and it’s always with us. With indoor 5G it is now possible to  identify and open up direct communicate channels with your walk-in shoppers, all while securing their privacy.

Use cases of the future

Augmented Reality (AR) glasses might become the norm

AR glasses has been in development for many years but might with the release of Apple Vision Pro finally be on track to become a reality. If this happens, shoppers will suddenly need massive data to make that experience great.  

Using precise indoor positioning as a monetizer

With indoor small cells also comes great opportunities to use precise indoor positioning for improving everything from navigation, tracking, space usage analytics and many more areas.