Stronghold and Niam invest in Proptivity to enable high-performance indoor 5G

Proptivity offers real-estate owners and tenants market-leading 5G indoor networks. The networks are neutral meaning that all mobile users, regardless of operator, have access to high-performance 5G coverage indoors – what Proptivity calls Gigabit 5G.

Indoor mobile coverage is critical as 80% of mobile data use today takes place inside of buildings. In addition, mobile data consumption is expected to triple over the next five years as a result of digitalisation, which will further increase the requirements for mobile coverage indoors. Until now such coverage has largely been handled through mobile operators’ outdoor networks. This often results in inadequate indoor mobile coverage leading to frustrated tenants and users. 5G also has higher frequencies than 4G and 3G, which enables more and faster data but with a shorter range. As we now move from 4G to 5G, the challenges of indoor coverage will become more and more apparent due to the shorter range of 5G. Through Proptivity, real estate owners can now offer their tenants and visitors high-performance 5G coverage indoors in a cost-effective and resource-efficient way.

“All digitalisation, regardless of industry, is ultimately based on connectivity. A high-performance 5G service indoors is thus critical for all innovation that takes place in the building. With Proptivity’s Gigabit 5G solution, tenants and visitors will have access to the fastest connection speeds available on the market in secure and extremely stable networks,” says Urban Edenström, founder of Stronghold Invest.

“Sweden needs leading digital infrastructure and 5G is central to achieving this. An efficient and rapid expansion of high-performance 5G networks indoors requires an independent player that gives all market participants the opportunity to collaborate. We are therefore very pleased to be able to contribute to the development through our investment in Proptivity, ” says Sverker Åkerblom, CEO of Niam Infrastructure.

“We offer future-proof 5G infrastructure and take responsibility for everything from planning and installation to daily operation of high-performance 5G networks. Our networks will be a catalyst in the digital transition that 5G enables where both operators and real estate owners will be able to retain and develop their respective core businesses to end customers. We see a great need for our offering and are investing in becoming the leading player in the Nordic and Baltic countries, with a related investment of SEK 3 billion in Gigabit 5G networks within 5 years,” says Mikael Lundman, CEO of Proptivity.

About Niam
Niam invests in real assets in the Nordics and northern Europe with a focus on real estate and infrastructure. Through our infrastructure platform Niam Infrastructure, we see great opportunities and value in sustainable investments, and we strive to be part of the driving force for a greener and more sustainable future. This is achieved through innovation, deep knowledge and close collaboration with our partners.
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About Stronghold Invest
Stronghold build and invest in real estate related service companies in Northern Europe. Through our platform Stronghold Proptech, we build scalable service concepts in the intersection of real estate and technology. By combining modern technology with innovative business models, our aim is to help solve the real estate industry’s greatest challenge – a profitable decarbonization of the built environment.
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About Proptivity
Proptivity’s ambition is to help property owners and tenants to secure high-performance 5G networks in properties throughout the Nordic and Baltic countries. The needs for this type of infrastructure span all types of commercial properties.
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Contact: Mikael Lundman, +46 76 1152100