Tre and Proptivity collaborate to build future-proof indoor 5G according to the Swedish model from property owners

  • Tre connects to Proptivity’s properties: Tre will integrate its mobile services into Proptivity’s connected properties, providing tenants and visitors with real 5G with gigabit speeds everywhere in the property.
  • First operator to connect to the Swedish model: This is the first collaboration that follows the Swedish model from property owners for shared high-capacity indoor mobile networks that operators can freely connect to
  • Secures indoor coverage for energy-efficient buildings: Energy-efficient buildings also block radio signals and will need indoor networks to offer indoor coverage for tenants and visitors.

Buildings today account for more than a fifth of total CO2 impact, and energy efficiency is a major focus for property owners. Unfortunately, there is a downside: when we prevent heat or cold from leaking out, it also becomes harder for radio waves to penetrate, which deteriorates mobile coverage in energy-efficient buildings unless indoor networks are proactively installed. This challenge comes at the same time as we need more indoor connectivity; for example, we have started using video instead of voice calls, which requires 100x more data.

Through this agreement, Tre will integrate its mobile services into Proptivity’s high-capacity shared mobile infrastructure for properties, thereby creating a new standard for indoor services. This is the first step towards offering world-leading connectivity for mobile customers in Sweden.

Mikael Lundman, CEO of Proptivity, says: “It is important for Sweden to be at the forefront when it comes to 5G to secure our future competitiveness. Before this agreement, old indoor technology was used that no longer meets the standards and consumes much more energy than the modern systems we deliver. Our collaboration with Tre shows that together we want to provide property owners, companies, and mobile users with the best possible connectivity in an environmentally optimized way.”

A recent report from Newsec, Sweden’s leading property advisor, on digital properties shows how important good connectivity is, with 89% of Swedish companies seeing it as a must when choosing their next premises. Additionally, 68% are willing to pay higher rent for premises with good connectivity. Moody’s also highlights the advantages of good connectivity, reporting 2.2% higher rents and 3.8% lower vacancies for properties with good connectivity.

Haval van Drumpt, CEO of Tre Sverige, says: “We are proud to offer our corporate customers the best possible solution for high-capacity indoor 5G. This is important for the future digitization of our society, as it enables faster, more efficient, and reliable connections and opportunities for network sharing in buildings.”

About Proptivity

Proptivity was founded to enable efficient 4G and 5G services from multiple operators indoors. Proptivity will initially deliver its services in Europe. The solution is designed to meet the specific requirements of property owners and mobile operators. These requirements involve a monitored, planned, and high-performance indoor network that can be used by all mobile operators in a market. When property owners make their buildings more energy-efficient, indoor coverage deteriorates if there is no indoor system. Research shows that the majority of 5G traffic is used indoors, but the coverage often comes from outside. By using Proptivity’s neutral infrastructure, property owners and operators can deliver high-performance 5G to their customers indoors in a sustainable and efficient way.

About Tre

Tre Scandinavia (Hi3G Access AB) was founded in december 2000 with the vision of creating an entirely new platform for mobile communication. Today, Tre owns and operates 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile networks in Sweden and Denmark and consists of approximately 2,000 employees. Tre Scandinavia, which is part of the global 3-group with operations in eleven countries, is owned by Hong Kong-based CK Hutchison, which owns 60 percent of the company, and Swedish Investor AB, which owns 40 percent. Learn more about Tre at and more about the Tre group at

For more information, contact:

Mikael Lundman, CEO, +46 76 1152100

Morgan Curby, CMO, +46 763 350764


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