There are many reasons why we are starting to see a trend for companies to go Mobile-first (aka using 4G/5G as the main connectivity for employees)

Already during covid, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) went out and recommended people to not use hotel Wi-Fi since it was very easy to get compromised on them.

Recent Verizon security study showed that majority of home routers are completely open or even has not changed the factory setting for admin credentials.

In hybrid world where we predominantly work outside of a secure enterprise IT office environment, making sure our employees devices are secure during that time has become a major headache for IT teams, reports are pointing to that this is now a major investment and focus area.

Mobile-first approaches are still under development but when we talk to both tenant and operators, it’s clear that this is a growing trend hashtag#mobilefirst

If you want to test this approach, please make sure that your office building has good enough coverage and capacity!